Jeep JK Ford Dana 60 Hub Conversion Kit for Superduty Axle

SpynTec Hub Conversion Kit For Ford 99-08 Superduty Axle to Jeep 07-17 JK Swap

Solid Axle

  • $1,700.00
    Unit price per 

We have previously built quite a few custom Spyntec Conversion hubs for swapping a Superduty Ford axle into an 07-17 Jeep JK.  These were only available as a custom kit, but now we offer them as an off-the-shelf item.  Unlike a unit bearing with no serviceability, our Spyntec hub conversions off a fully maintainable setup using readily available bearing and seals.

This has the correct tone ring tooth count for your JK.

Price is per Pair

  • Forged hubs with machined ABS reluctor ring.
  • Forged spindle with integral ABS sensor mount.
  • Includes all bearings, races, seals, and spindle nuts.
  • Utilizes premium locking hubs.
  • Eliminates unit bearing hub assemblies prone to breaking
  • Inexpensive to maintain
  • Fully rebuild-able
  • Reduces drive-train wear
  • Increased fuel economy
  • As always, SpynTec conversion kits fully seal the ABS sensor and tone ring from contaminates on and off road.
  • Forged Hubs with Machined Reluctor Ring.
  • Forged Spindles with Universal ABS Sensor Mount
  • Wheel Studs
  • All Bearings, Races, Seals, Spindle Nuts
  • 35-Spline Stub Shafts
  • Premium Manual Locking Hubs
To make the ABS system happy, you will need a Dodge 2500 / 3500 Front ABS sensor.  Part Number P/N 5179958AB.  This is available at your Dodge / Ram dealership.