About Us

SpynTec Industries was founded to carry on the Solid Axle Industries product line. Our goal is to provide you, the off-road enthusiast and competitor with superior products and a knowledge base second to none, so you know your driveline is set up correctly with the strongest components available. We can achieve this goal by designing, manufacturing and assembling our own Solid components. The results speak for themselves, since 2006, thousands of Solid Axle Industries equipped vehicles have conquered trails and courses around the world with the confidence that our components brought them across the finish line or back to their driveways with no compromises.

You can believe in our products due to these indisputable facts:

  • All of our products are designed by our engineers with a passion for designing the best drive train components in the industry.
  • Our Wheel hubs and Spindles are machined from quality forgings.
  • Our cast products are poured with a unique blend of alloys to give them unequaled strength characteristics.
  • We use precision measuring and modern inspection techniques to ensure that each product is produced to the highest quality and greatest strength possible.
Creating a modified driveline should be a decision based on the correct information and the strongest components available. You should feel comfortable knowing that what you want and what you need is what you'll receive. Spyntec Industries is here to guarantee that is exactly what you will get whether you are a seasoned competitor or a serious enthusiast. Spyntec Industries stands behind every product that we sell. Putting the customer first is how we run our business. If we don't put "U” first, there is no "US”.