High Pinion Dana 44 Nodular Iron Housing with Ribs, Suspension Mounting Points, and Spring Perches

D44 High Pinion Housing

Solid Axle

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  • Unlike other manufacturers, standard bearings and components are used.
  • Only the highest quality nodular iron is used in a Solid Axle Industries' housing.
  • Includes our own heavy duty nodular iron cover with lifetime warranty.
  • Will also accept aftermarket differential covers.
  • Built in leaf spring perches.

  • Three oil gallies ensure proper bearing lubrication.
  • Higher clearance housing than stock, but also offers a smooth bottom profile allowing the housing to glide over exceptionally rough terrain.
  • Reinforced ribbed housing offers more rigidity than all other housings.
  • Thick nodular iron bearing caps complete with grade 8 hardware.
  • Integrated machined pads featuring eight 1/2-13 tapped holes for mounting suspension and steering accessories.