Solid Axle Forged Steel Wheel Hubs GM Corporate 14 Bolt 6 Lug Wheel Pattern

Pair of Forged 6 on 5.5 Bolt Pattern 14 Bolt Wheel Hubs

Solid Axle

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The 14 bolt hubs were designed and manufactured with input from customers and dealers to design the GM 14 bolt hubs with an improved wheel flange offset, to not only convert to 5 or 6 lug patterns, but to also narrow overall axle width by 2.25 inches.

  • Wheel hubs designed for strength and durability.
  • Hubs are CNC machined from a forging.
  • Not a cast piece like all other competitors.
  • Utilizes standard components (studs, bearings, seals) readily available at local parts stores.
  • These are manufactured by Solid Axle Industries and are not weak remanufactured OEM Hubs.
  • Fits GM 14 bolt spindles
  • Replaces cast units
  • Converts to 6 on 5.5 wheel pattern
  • Reduces axle build cost by eliminating the need to shorten housing.

* Note*  Axle shaft flange must be turned to fit the wheel over the shaft flange.  These are meant to replace factory hubs that are 6 inches long, on older non ribbed housings with drum brakes.